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What our users say about eBankDISCOVERY and ASV

“We’re anticipating over $100,000 annually in savings.  They’ve been very, very responsive to our needs.” City National Bank

“There’s been some tremendous savings for us on personnel. We formerly verified only a small number of threshold items visually. Now we are very confident that no forged check can escape our detection-net. It’s fascinating to watch eBank™DISCOVERY sort out suspicious signatures and do it so quickly.” State Bank of Long Island

“With almost thirty branches and $3.0 billion in assets it’s crucial that we use reliable and proficient software to protect those assets.  In banking, fraud is a fact of life. The use of ASV helps to mitigate our risk.” Union State Bank

“Just wanted to say we are very happy to have chosen ASV as an integral part of our processing.  The first time we used the software after training, it saved us several hundred dollars from items that would normally not be caught until the customer had received their statements.  Please list us as one of your satisfied customers.” Bank of Mingo

“I just wanted to THANK YOU for the training Wednesday and Thursday.  The training was excellent!” “Again – Thanks!” South Carolina Bank and Trust

“And thank you and your staff for your quick response to our problems, it is a pleasure doing business with you.  Compared to all the vendors we deal with, you are Number One!” Hudson Valley Bank

“Not only has the product automated our manual process but it has also provided us the ability to expand our signature review to include almost all of our items on a daily basis. As we migrate towards the electronic exchange arena the need for an effective fraud detection product will be more important than ever and we look forward to our continued partnership with ASV.” Royal Bank America

“Customers are always impressed when we call them to verify an irregular signature or questionable check stock.  And the support staff at ASV is always helpful.  We recently converted to a fully image-exchanged bank, and ASV was there to help us through it.” First State Bank