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“With almost thirty branches and $3.0 billion in assets, it’s crucial that we use reliable and proficient software to protect those assets. In banking, fraud is a fact of life. The use of ASV helps to mitigate our risk.” — Union State

Tale as old as time. Forged will, 1881. ASV Archives.

If you are not the one who evaluates check fraud prevention tools for your bank, kindly forward this email to the person who does.

Here’s why.

  • Fraud against bank deposit accounts amounted to $25.1 billion in 2018, up from $19.1 billion in 2016, according to ABA estimates.
  • This amount includes $2.8 billion in losses to the industry and $22.3 billion in fraud prevention,
  • The loss amount does not include the expense banks incurred during 2018 for prevention, detection, investigation, and prosecution of deposit account fraud.

What is eBank™DISCOVERY exactly?

  • Looking for a fraudulent check used to be like searching for a needle in a haystack: why invest the time and effort for such a small return? With eBank™DISCOVERY, we can eliminate the problems of time and labor, while you benefit from the recovery of your goods.
  • eBank™DISCOVERY is a completely automatic process that trims down the items you need to review while picking out the ones your other tools miss.

“Since adopting the ASV product, Sam and his staff were instrumental in assisting us with all our concerns contributing greatly to a smooth transition. We have found the software to be well thought out and intuitive. The ASV product has had a positive impact on our bank’s ability to identify fraudulent check items and consequently we have reduced our rate of fraudulent checks by nearly 50% over FISERV solution. In instances where we need technical assistance, Sam and his staff always offer quick and effective solutions. I would not hesitate to recommend the ASV product and the exceptional support that Sam and his team offer.” — BNB

“We actually did a comparison between ASV vs DCI ones. And we did request many features to DCI and they were not able to meet our requests. eBankDISCOVERY is lot more sophisticated and well made.” — Current Customer name withheld

Actual forged check detected by eBankDISCOVERY, 2019.

How much does it cost?

  • For our customers, eBank™DISCOVERY more than pays for itself:

“Since implementation, we have caught about $200,000 worth of fraudulent items that Carreker did not catch. Our losses in the first 6 months of this year are around $15,000. Losses last year were around $187,000. In my opinion, we are no longer being targeted due to check stock verification. As far as worthwhile, banks cannot afford NOT to invest in this technology.” — City National Bank

“Our bank has utilized eBank Discovery for nearly two years, and in that time we have been able to detect a large number of fraudulent items. We had previously used a more manual process for reviewing checks. This software has allowed us to review a large number of items in a short period of time.” — StoneGate

“There have been some tremendous savings for us on personnel. We formerly verified only a small number of threshold items visually. Now we are very confident that no forged check can escape our detection-net. It’s fascinating to watch eBank™DISCOVERY sort out suspicious signatures and do it so quickly.” — State Bank of Long Island

eBankDISCOVERY’s multi-step process of fraud detection.

Who are the ASV guys?

  • We are a group of scientists, system designers, and engineers, and a totally dedicated customer support team.

“Sam and his team are always available when questions or issues arise and will assist you with tailoring the software for your individual needs.” — StoneGate

“Sam and ASV have been the provider of our check verification, including signature, number, and card stock verification, for at least 13 years. Of course, there have been growing pains at times due to technology advances over the years, but ASV has worked with us to upgrade and modify their products to meet our needs. Their solution is one of the best in this genre.” — Merchants

“And thank you and your staff for your quick response to our problems, it is a pleasure doing business with you. Compared to all the vendors we deal with, you are Number One!” — Hudson Valley

Why wait until…

  • the fraud losses mount,
  • your customers report fraud loss,
  • and you have to invest even more to recoup the losses?

“Financial Resources FCU has been utilizing the ASV Fraud system for few years now. We have grown to have a comfort level with the system knowing that our Members’ and Internal Checks are properly scrutinized for fraud. The system is very flexible on different target levels we want to review. I would recommend any financial institution to implement the system.” — FCU

“Just wanted to say we are very happy to have chosen ASV as an integral part of our processing. The first time we used the software after training, it saved us several hundred dollars from items that would normally not be caught until the customer had received their statements. Please list us as one of your satisfied customers.” — Mingo

“Customers are always impressed when we call them to verify an irregular signature or questionable check stock. And the support staff at ASV is always helpful. We recently converted to a fully image-exchanged bank, and ASV was there to help us through it.” — First State

“Customers are always impressed when we call them to verify an irregular signature or questionable check stock. And the support staff at ASV is always helpful. We recently converted to a fully image-exchanged bank, and ASV was there to help us through it.” — First State

Reach out to us. ASV has been helping America’s banks since 1999. We look forward to partnering with you.


John, Laurence, Lee, Matt, Sam

Why settle for “good enough”? Bank customer letter, 1932. ASV Archives.