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A signature says a lot about a person. Unlike your iris or fingerprint, you are not born with your signature; it is something you create yourself over the years. Every time you write it differs slightly, but they are all yours.
Because no two signatures are alike, they are the best proof of identification. Unlike passwords or PINs, signatures cannot be lost, forgotten, or stolen, nor do they have to be changed. They are natural to replicate yet inherently unique.

Making use of signatures for reliable identification requires forensic and biometric science challenges that we at SAV have met with relish. The end result is our series of eBank products.

The eBank series brings the signature for identification into everyday digital use.

eBankSign for signature verification between all devices.
eBankID for identity proof.
eBankDiscovery for check fraud protection.

With our latest product, eBankID, your customer can send you iPhone and Android signed signatures with their banking instructions and you can immediately tell if it is genuine by comparing it against signature cards.

Possibilities are limitless.

Continue to use your signatures in more areas you ever thought possible, and we will make sure they are secure.

This is us. ASV.